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Scuba diving Philippines, or 'diving scuba', is without doubt, is one of the first reasons that so many people choose vacations Philippines. The Philippines is at the center of the "Coral Triangle", that spans the southern portion of the South China Sea, South through Indonesia and West to Borneo. With 7107 islands the abundance of marine life in the Philippines is extreme and the huge variety of marine species has made the Philippine archipelago a scuba diving paradise . . . scuba diving Philippines is arguably the best scuba diving in Asia. Straddling the ebb and flow of the mighty Pacific Ocean, exchanging nutrient-rich water with the South China Sea, the Philippines offers scuba divers the widest choice of technical diving, scuba diving experiences and marine education.

To find out more about where to scuba dive in the Philippines check out scuba diving in the Philippines at the AllSports Philippines website - select SCUBA from the slider menu for full details.

Scuba diving Philippines vacations offer the biggest, the smallest, the most beautiful, most dangerous, most endangered marine life. From: whale sharks to nudibranches; thresher sharks to sea turtles; hammerhead sharks to sea horses. Choosing a scuba diving, scuba adventure holiday in the Philippines brings you to the World's centre of marine biodiversity.

You can enjoy the scuba diving Philippines vacation experience on almost every island throughout the archipelago. Generally, the best scuba diving locations are in southern Luzon, the Visayas and around Palawan - these are also the areas with the best tourism infrastructure for scuba diving. But the Philippines has at least a thousand more dive sites awaiting discovery, by you.

When diving, scuba equipment is available for rent at all good dive resorts and is usually included in the cost of scuba diving. Wherever else you go diving, scuba equipment is usually supplied as part of the tour package, especially if you are on a scuba diving Philippines safari or exploring reefs and wrecks from a liveaboard dive boat. However if you decide to go exploring the more remote destinations for diving, scuba equipment may not always be available for rent, but there is almost always a dive shop at your point of departure that will rent scuba equipment with an appropriate safe-return-deposit. For more advanced diving: scuba equipment that is not so easy to rent are dive computers and a dive watch; we would recommend that you bring your own dive watch and dive computers.

All of the major scuba equipment brand names are represented in the Philippines for diving, scuba equipment is available through dive stores that sell the full range of scuba equipment from: snorkeling vest and scuba tanks to dive watch and dive computers.

The Best Scuba Diving Philippines Locations in the North

The best scuba diving Philippines locations in north: North of Manila, around Subic Bay, you can scuba dive on a wide variety of wrecks from as long ago as 1898, including the Hell-ship, the Oryoku Maru, and the battle cruiser, USS New York. Scuba equipment is available for rent at all scuba diving resorts in and around Subic Bay.

South of Manila: the best scuba diving locations are around the Verde Island Passage, from Anilao (Batangas) to Puerto Galera (Mindoro) the Verde Island Passage delivers scuba diving experience after scuba diving experience: from bottom diving to walls; from wreck diving to reefs; from drift diving to free diving; from open water scuba diving to technical diving; from breathing air to nitrox and trimix. The Verde Island Passage has been described as, "the centre of the centre for marine biodiversity in the World". It can be argued that the waters off Puerto Galera offer the best scuba diving in Asia, especially in terms of variety of marine life and marine environments. Beginners doing certification diving courses here can rent scuba equipment with air, while advanced and technical divers can rent scuba equipment with exotic breathables, rebreathers etc.

The Best Scuba Diving Philippines Locations in the Visayas

The best scuba diving Philippines locations in the Visayas are too numerous to name but the best of the best scuba diving in the Visayas is a considered to be found at: Panglao Island (Bohol); Moalboal (Cebu); islands off Dumaguete (Negros); and, Malapascua (Cebu). But every island throughout the central Philippines holds new scuba diving treasures. Developing areas for scuba diving Philippines in the Visayas are Romblon, Calicoan Island (Eastern Samar), Siquijor Island. You can rent scuba equipment at all of these scuba diving Philippines locations.

The Best Scuba Diving Locations in Palawan

Starting at the top of the Palawan Island chain there is Apo Reef, between the eco-tourism diving resort of Pandan Island (Mindoro) and Club Paradise (Busuanga). The best wreck diving destination is the wreck diving hot spot of Coron Bay, Busuanga Island, where a fleet of Japanese World War II ships lie in depths from 10m - 100m. A little to the West you will find El Nido and her surrounding scuba diving treasures. There are hundreds of prime scuba diving sites, especially along the East coast, before you reach Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa you hike out to the astounding Tubbataha Reef - the best of the best of the best scuba diving Philippines destination, offering the best scuba diving in Asia. Further down the island chain are more scuba diving locations all the way to the intriguing Balabac Islands. All the scuba diving equipment you need is available for rent at these locations.

The Best Scuba Diving Philippines Locations in the South

Scuba diving Philippines locations in the South offer a new and less-traveled Philippines vacation experience, mostly because there is already too much scuba diving further North to accommodate the number of scuba diving tourists arriving. As the number of tourists seeking the best scuba diving adventure holiday destination continues to increase, so too the southern Philippines has started to receive the attention it deserves, as a place where the scuba diving experience can be rewarding in the extreme.

Starting in the northeast corner of the southern Philippines: in the island group off Surigao, and especially Siargao Island, the scuba diving is as virgin and exciting as the water is crystal clear and bountiful; around Davao City and Samal Island, scuba diving Philippines experiences are new and refreshing, and with the help of a scuba diving guide weeks of enjoyment await you in the waters off Samal Island; around Zamboanga peninsula, scuba diving is a new sport that is gaining enthusiastic followers; Tawi Tawi offers some the the very best scuba diving in southern Philippines although it is not a recommended destination at this time due to local conflicts; and, Cagayan De Oro is a good base for scuba diving some of the prettiest islands off the North coast of Mindanao. With the exception of Tawi Tawi it is easy to rent scuba equipment at all southern Philippines scuba diving locations.

Learn To Dive / Certification Diving Philippines

To learn to dive / certification diving in the Philippines is easy and inexpensive because almost all dive resorts offer PADI diving courses for Open Water Diver scuba certification, with PADI trained and certified instructors. Learn to dive in the Philippines, taking a PADI certification diving course, and you are offered the chance to experience the best scuba diving in Asia and to take home your PADI Open Water Diver certificate along with a thousand memories.

Many family-oriented dive resorts offer the PADI Bubblemaker course for kids (8+ years) who want to learn to dive like Mummy and Daddy; many of the best scuba diving resorts in the Philippines offer a range of PADI certification diving courses from PADI Bubblemaker up to PADI Instructor course level.

The Instructor Development Courses can take your scuba diving and training skills to the highest levels of professionalism; IDC colleges are located in Puerto Galera (Mindoro), Malapascua (Cebu) and elsewhere. Some scuba diving Philippines locations also offer technical diver courses, including those from the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD).

When considering learn to dive courses in the Philippines the smartest people use the PADI diving eLearning systems at home, before they arrive, thus maximizing their scuba diving holiday time by scuba diving longer with the largest collection of marine life anywhere in the World.

New Scuba Diving Philippines Locations

New scuba diving Philippines locations are being discovered all the time and there is no reason why you should not be part of the diving, scuba exploration can be a more exciting experience. For example, Calicoan Island off the southern tip of Eastern Samar is new but developing fast as a scuba diving location of great interest; diving scuba equipment is available for rent here already.

The latest scuba diving Philippines location to be explored for an unforgettable Philippines vacation experience are the thirteen islands around Bulalacao, Mindoro Island; you will have to bring your own scuba equipment to Bulalacao at the moment, but soon there will be at least one full service dive shop operating here.

When scuba diving Philippines the best scuba diving locations, the extreme variety and diversity of marine life will likely take your breath away - don't forget to breath.

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