Kiteboarding in the Philippines

Come kiteboarding in the Philippines and enjoy some of the best kiteboarding in Asia. From extreme kiteboarding along Pacific Ocean surf breaks to rapid transit across flat windswept bays and lakes, the choice is fast, faster or fastest. To find out more about where to kiteboard in the Philippines check out kiteboarding in the Philippines at the AllSports Philippines website - select KITEBOARDING from the slider menu for full details.

There is no absolute season for kiteboarding in the Philippines because
there is almost always some breeze. If you want the best kiteboarding across surf then along East coast of the Philippine archipelago is the place to be. If your best kiteboarding is smoother but fast then focus on the West coast during the northeast monsoon season (October through May). If you are a year round adventure kiteboarding then travel throughout the Philippines any time.

One of the challenges with kiteboarding in the Philippines is that it is not always easy to rent boards, kites and wings in all the places you would like to kiteboard. Apart from at major kiteboarding centres it is bring your own only.

The Best Kiteboarding in The Northern Philippines

Starting at the top of Luzon the best kiteboarding in the northern Philippines is probably at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, (nearest airport is Laoag international) where a beautiful beach, clean water and some stiff breezes make for great kiteboarding but, further West along the coast, North of Tuguegarao / Cagayan Valley (nearest airport Tuguegarao) where there are also some beautiful beaches for kiteboarding, although many are a challenge to get to without four-wheel drive. Further down the West coast of Luzon there are many potential kiteboarding locations, such as the beaches around San Fernando, La Union, and Bolo Beach, Pangasinan, but the next kiteboarding hot spot is along the Moonbay Marina Beach, Subic Bay, where every year, usually in July, they have competitions that attract kiteboarding and windsurfing enthusiasts from all around Asia. IKO certified instructors are available here most weekends and by prior arrangement. The nearest airport to Subic Bay is Clark DMIA / Angeles City airport.

South of Manila, Caliraya Lake is renowned for its strong breezes, particularly during the northeast monsoon season; Caliraya Lake one of the best lakes for kiteboarding (and windsurfing) in the Philippines. IKO certified instructors are available here for training and coaching.

Kiteboarding is taking off in Camarines Norte at Bagasbas Beach, about 4km from Daet. Bagasbas Beach, Daet, is ideally suited for kiteboarding - facing the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the full force of the northeast monsoon breezes. IKO certified instructors are resident here at Bagasbas Beach, Daet, for most of the year. The nearest airport to Bagasbas Beach is Daet airport.

South of Manila, one of the best kiteboarding destinations is around Puerto Galera, but this is not yet a major sport there so you will have to bring your own kites.

The next hot spot for kiteboarding in the northern Philippines will be Bulalacao (Or. Mindoro), where the bays, the beaches and the thirteen magical islands are sheltered from the ocean swells but receive the full force of both southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon breezes. The nearest airport to Bulalacao is San Jose airport (Occ. Mindoro). If you are planning to come kiteboarding in Bulalacao then, currently, you must bring your own kiteboarding equipment.

The Best Kiteboarding in The Central Philippines

The best place for kiteboarding in the central Philippines is Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, and Boracay Island has so many other attractions that it is more than just a kiteboarding destination; the Boracay Funboard Cup in January each year is a very colourful kiteboarding and windsurfing event attracting scores of international competitors. IKO certified instructors are resident at Bulabog Beach, Boracay. The nearest airport to Bulabog Beach is Boracay / Caticlan airport.

For the adventurous, Calicoan Island, near Guiuan (Eastern Samar) will be the next kiteboarding hot spot in the central Philippines, offering Pacific Ocean surf kiteboarding action for much of the year, on the East coast of Calicoan Island, at the same time as offering fast, flat water kiteboarding along the island's West coast.

The Best Kiteboarding in The Southern Philippines

Kiteboarding around Mindanao in the southern Philippines is not yet developed with kiteboarding veues.

Siargao Island (Surigao del Norte), adjacent to the World famous "Cloud 9" surf break, is the newest kiteboarding destination and offers a mixture of Pacific Ocean swells & surf breaks and wave-sheltered lagoons. For great on-shore Pacific Ocean breezes for kiteboarding, Siargao delivers its best between late September and April. The nearest airport to Cloud 9 is Siargao airport.

Where To Learn Kiteboarding in The Philippines

Where to learn kiteboarding in the Philippines? For training under the guidance of qualified IKO certified instructors: Bulabog Beach, Boracay; Caliraya Lake, Laguna; Moonbay Marina Beach, Subic Bay; and, Bagasbas Beach, Daet. There are other places to learn kiteboarding in the Philippines, but without IKO certified instructors. Kiteboarding is one of only a few sports where you can easily kill yourself if you do not have qualified instruction from a certified instructor. You have been warned.

Holidays Kiteboarding in the Philippines

If you are interested in destinations for holidays kiteboarding in the Philippines during 2009 then think Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, and Bagasbas Beach, Daet. Kiteboarding equipment is available at both destinations.


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