Tennis in the Philippines

Playing tennis in the Philippines is easy. Almost all major towns and cities offer tennis courts that are open to the public. Hiring tennis rackets is not quite so easy, so it is advisable to bring your own if you are serious about playing tennis while traveling the Philippines. There are sports shops in most malls in the major towns and cities so buying a new tennis racquet is a snip. Dunlop-Slazenger have a factory near the mouth of Manila Bay, in Bataan province, that manufactures tennis balls so, as you can imagine, obtaining tennis balls is no major chore either.

Active tennis clubs in the Philippines have been around since the beginning of the last century in one form or another, sometimes as part of a larger sports club like the Nomad Sports Club (Manila, 1914), close to Manila international airport NAIA. And the Philippines Team has competed in almost all Davis Cup tournaments since 1926.

Like playing tennis in most other countries around Asia , public tennis courts offer an artificial playing surface as opposed to grass courts; a few members clubs with tennis sections have "grass" courts but, to the best of our knowledge, these are only artificial grass; a number of the leading hotels in Metro Manila offer tennis courts with artificial surfaces. The nearest hotel to Manila international airport NAIA with an artificial grass tennis court is the Shangri-la Makati.

In addition to the Lawn Tennis Association the National Collegiate Athletic Association has organised tennis championships almost continuously since 1927 (there was a break during World War II because the Japanese military were not then tennis fans).

Tennis Courts in Metro Manila

Probably the most accessible public tennis courts in Metro Manila are at the reclamation near the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), along Roxas Boulevard, beside Manila Bay. A small fee is accepted from players who get to play on a first come first served basis, during the hours of daylight.

Great Places To Play Tennis in The Philippines

Play Tennis in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera has three tennis courts that are usually available for playing tennis with only very modest court fees. The most interesting place to play tennis in Puerto Galera is in Puerto Galera town close to Muelle Pier. Also close to Muelle Pier is the tennis court at The Moorings, take the Puerto Galera Yacht Club service boat from Muelle Pier and walk up behind the clubhouse to The Moorings condominium resort development to play tennis in the shade in the afternoons. From The Moorings you can walk over the hill and along the road to the Sandbar resort where the third tennis court in Puerto Galera is open to non-residents for a small fee. Bring your own tennis racquet (racket for the Americans) and balls.

Play Tennis in Boracay Island

Boracay Island has two tennis courts open to the public for modest fees. The first place to play tennis in Boracay Island is at the Tirol & Tirol Tennis Club situated behind the Tirol & Tirol Resort. A well maintained facility, the Tirol & Tirol Tennis Club also has instructors and ball boys on-hand to assist for an extra charge. The second tennis court in Boracay Island is the Lorenzo Main Tennis Court in Mangagayad village, Boracay. Located near Station 3 along Boracay Beach the Lorenzo Main Tennis Court is well maintained and offers full services to visitors including hire of tennis racquets/rackets and balls etc. Most people play tennis in the evenings in Boracay when the setting sun has taken the heat out of the day.

Play Tennis in Subic Bay

Subic Bay offers the Subic Bay International Tennis Center - a World class tennis court facility located within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone at Remy Field, between The Lighthouse Marina Resort Hotel and the Subic Bay Yacht Club. The Subic Bay International Tennis Center offers indoor and outdoor courts with optional instruction, ball boys, tennis racquet/racket rental and a complete range of tennis equipment for sale. Close to the Subic Bay International Tennis Center are the Subic Bay Yacht Club tennis courts. Where non-members can obtain a day membership, giving them access to all of the facilities of the yacht club, including the tennis courts.


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