Surfing in The Philippines

Surfing in the Philippines was once a single location sport, centered on Siargao Island (Surigao del Norte) and the World famous Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) break just North of the town of General Luna. Enthusiasm amongst Philippine surfers has expanded on this World top ten surf break and now there are many surfing spots dotted around the Philippines.

To find out more about where the surf breaks in the Philippines check out surfing Philippines at the AllSports Philippines website - select SURFING from the slider menu for full details.

One of the challenges of surfing in the Philippines is that there are not too many places to rent a serviceable surf board. With the exception of Cloud Nine (Siargao), San Juan (La Union) and Calicoan Island (Eastern Samar), the options are limited and you must consider bringing your own.

Although there is some good surfing to be found all year round in the Philippines, by far the best season for surfing in the Philippines is from September to December, along the East coast. At this time of year, tropical storms over the West Pacific build large swells that roll towards the East Philippine coast and off-shore breezes cause the resulting waves to stand up and let surfers ride them all the way to shore; in Siargao and Calicoan the surfing is reasonable also from December through to May.

The Best Surfing In The Northern Philippines

The best surfing in the northern Philippines will be found in the waters off San Juan (La Union) just North of San Fernando City. Although not world class, surfing at San Juan provides good surfing conditions for beginners and intermediate level sportsmen and women.

For the more adventurous, the beaches of Aurora province (East of Metro Manila) provide Pacific rollers with surfing experiences good enough to compete with Hawaii on the day. Baler Bay, Aurora, offers an exciting right hand reef break and the other beaches near Baler have their moments of extreme surfing action too. The challenge with Baler, and Aurora in general, is that transportation to Aurora is less than frequent and shore facilities are somewhat spartan. But those who live to surf will roundly dismiss these challenges and simply live the surf breaks, especially those at Baler Bay.

The Best Surfing in The Central Philippines

The best surfing in the central Philippines can be found along the East Coast of Samar Island. Samar Island offers good surfing experiences, with Pacific rollers building and curling towards the long stretches of mostly white sand beaches.

For those who like to have their surfing well supported with infrastructure and resources then Calicoan Island, just South of Guiuan (Eastern Samar), is being developed as a World class surfing destination for the Philippines. The unquestionably beautiful beaches of Calicoan Island are pounded by Pacific rollers and the long white sand beach is just waiting to rival Boracay for out-of-water entertainment.

At the moment the best airport for to access Guiuan and Calicoan Island is Tacloban airport on the neighbouring island of Leyte, about two hours drive from Guiuan. It is promised that by October 2009 direct scheduled flights to Guiuan airport will resume.

The Best Surfing in The Southern Philippines

There is no question that the best surfing in the southern Philippines (and the best surfing in Asia) is to be found at the Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) break, off the east coast of Siargao Island. In the top ten surf breaks in the World, Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) hosts an international championship competition every September/October and also national championships at this and other times of the year. Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) is a mesmerizing left hand break into a long tube and truly has to be seen to be believed. Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) is a fantastic place for surfing photography from both in the water and ashore.

To get to Cloud Nine (Cloud 9) you can take a direct flight to Siargao Island from Mactan Cebu International Airport or, from Manila NAIA, you can take an early morning flight to Surigao City and then take the picturesque, leaving-at-noon ferry ride to Siargao Island.

Where To Learn Surfing in The Philippines

Learn to surf in the Philippines at the three surfing capitols of: San Juan (La Union), Calicoan Island (Eastern Samar) and Cloud Nine, Siargao Island (Surigao del Norte).

Be warned: surfing in the Philippines is so inexpensive and the surfing destinations so beautiful that many international surfers choose to stay on and live here.


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