Kayaking In The Philippines

Kayaking in the Philippines is a new water sport that is catching on fast throughout the Philippine archipelago. Partly because kayaking is relatively inexpensive and partly because there are so many great places for kayaking in the Philippines that offer additional attractions, kayaking makes an exciting holiday package for the adventurous. Perhaps the best aspect of kayaking around the Philippines is that almost all of the first class kayaking locations have quality sea kayaks, and all the necessary equipment, available for rent.

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Kayaking is an eco-friendly sport where, apart form the carbon credits used in getting there, the entire kayaking holiday experience can be carbon neutral or carbon negative . . . especially if it is at one of the kayaking destinations designated for eco-tourism. Perhaps the best thing about Kayaking in the Philippines is that in almost every kayaking location all of the equipment necessary is available for rent at very competitive rates.

Dispelling the common perception modern sea kayaks are no longer like the flimsy wood and canvas kayaking canoe of the Canadian Inuit, modern sea kayaks are robust, durable and inherently safe. Sea kayaks are well suited for lake kayaking, where kayak fishing can add a new dimension to a day on one of the Philippines' pristine lakes.

Best Kayaking in Luzon, Northern Philippines

For the best Kayaking in Luzon you have a choice of rivers, lakes, sheltered waterways or extreme seaways. But every kayaking holiday in the Philippines should definitely include the One Hundred Islands (Pangasinan), where a combination of kayaking, hiking and camping holidays, from one day to a whole week, can be enjoyed by beginners and avid kayakers alike - caves, camp sites and corals.

Lake kayaking on Taal Lake brings you face to face with an active volcano - Taal volcano; and, when lake kayaking on Caliraya Lake don't forget to take a fishing rod for the black bass; at Pagudpud you can test yourself kayaking against the ocean when the season is right (October to May); the Cagayan River (Cagayan Valley) is a great kayaking river and offers smooth-water kayaking runs, past caves that can be explored, in between spells of kayaking white water, before it spills out onto a lazy flood plain and meanders to the sea; around Subic Bay there is a kayaking river through the golf course and many beaches and bays to explore, and kayaking Subic Bay is a great way to enjoy kayak fishing on a peaceful afternoon with rod and line. Almost all of the best beach resorts offer sea kayaks for rent, allowing you to test your mettle in a variety of kayaking conditions.

Palawan could be called the perfect kayaking island but it is actually an extreme collection of kayaking island, from Busuanga Island in Northern Palawan to the Balabac Island group in the South. Palawan is renowned for some of the most beautiful coral islands in the World and is one of the kayaking experiences that make kayaking holidays Philippines such an unforgettable experience. But no kayaking enthusiast would leave Palawan without the experience of navigating the longest accessible underground river for kayaking in the World, at St. Paul's National Park - breathtaking, and considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

Best Kayaking in The Visayas, Central Philippines

The best kayaking in the Visayas is for sea kayaks, where almost every island as a kayaking island waiting for you to circumnavigate - coves, beaches and bays await. If you are into more extreme kayaking holidays then you must visit Eastern Samar, where the kayaking island of Calicoan offers Pacific rollers for surf-kayaking to the East and mangrove forest kayaking and kayak fishing to the West. Bohol, offers many a kayaking island and semi-sheltered waterways - one of the beautiful kayaking holiday Philippines destinations, and where you can go ashore and view the simply extraordinary Chocolate Hills and meet the famed Philippine Tarsier.

Best Kayaking in Mindanao, Southern Philippines

The best kayaking in Mindanao is taking sea kayaks on a kayaking river. Fast or slow, take your pick but almost all of the rivers will take you through some of the richest rain forests anywhere in the World - stuffed full of indigenous species of wildlife and plants, including the famed waling-waling orchids.

Famed more for its white water rafting, Cagayan de Oro has the ultimate kayaking river for extreme river kayaking.

Also, in Mindanao don't forget Surigao del Norte province, in northeast Mindanao, where one kayaking island is separated from the next by maelstroms and spectacular scenery. At the extreme northeast of Surigao del Norte is the magical kayaking island of Siargao. Siargao Island, with its white sand beaches to the South and golden beaches to the North, is top ten in the World for its surf breaks but the mangrove forests along the West coast offer perhaps the most stimulating kayaking island experience in all of Mindanao. On the kayaking island of Siargao, don't forget to take your camera to photograph the endangered cayman (crocodiles) that inhabit the mangrove forests along with rare birds, crabs and a few species that have yet to be fully described.

Just a few minutes by boat from Davao City is Samal Island, famed for its snorkelling and scuba diving, adventure holidays are expanding in popularity and sophistication and Samal Island is becoming known as a kayaking island too - partly because sea kayaks give you mobility that the roads on Samal Island do not.

If you don't know where to start kayaking in the Philippines then try One Hundred Islands first. Offering fully catered kayaking canoe camping eco tours, with super friendly guides to assist you, the One Hundred Islands is a must-see-must-kayak holiday Philippines destination for sea kayaks. Let the one Hundred Islands Eco Tourism Association (HIETA) take your hand through the mangroves, into the caves and across the corals of this wonderland of limestone kayaking island delights.


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