Ballooning In The Philippines

Ballooning in the Philippines is a once-a-year event: at the Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival.

Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival

The Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival is held every year at Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga. This spectacular hot-air balloon festival usually features upwards of 30 hot-air balloons being flown gracefully across the skies of Pampanga, over a long weekend in February.

The event attracts hot-air balloon enthusiasts from all around the World, such as Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Australia and China.

The hot-air balloons come in every shape and size (some of the hot-air balloons are shaped like dogs, elephants, newspaper rolls, coke bottles, coffee cups and assorted consumer products cartons) and lift off in a blaze of colour, just after sunrise on both Saturday and Sunday, before drifting lazily on the breeze across Angeles City and fields of corn, sugar cane and rice. The hot-air balloons return each afternoon to the starting point on Clark Field, demonstrating extraordinary precision in their navigation and landing. The whole weekend is a ballooning extravaganza.

More Than Just Hot-Air Balloons

The Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival is a weekend of more than just hot-air balloons . . . it is the weekend for everything that flies. Between twice daily hot-air balloon races there are flying displays by ultralight / microlight aircraft from the Angeles City Flying Club, gliders, paragliders, powered paragliders, parachuting displays by skydivers, private light aircraft and training aircraft from the nearby flying schools.

Static displays during the hot-air balloon festival include training and fighter aircraft from the Philippine Air Force and some of the executive jet sales and charter companies, e.g. Lear Jet and Dornier.

The hot-air balloon festival attracts so many visitors that the facility has expanded in recent years and now also offers full catering services as well as adventure playgrounds for distracted children.

The Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival offers a great weekend of ballooning, assorted airbourne entertainment, especially colourful photography and an education in lighter side of aviation for all the family.

How To Get To The Hot-Air Balloon Festival

The Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival takes over the western corner of Clark Airport / Angeles City - home to the Clark International Airport (DMIA). Clark is two hours (or less) North from Metro Manila and the Manila NAIA international airport.

There are air-conditioned bus services every hour to Clark Field and Angeles City from almost all corners of Luzon, more frequent air-conditioned bus services are available from Metro Manila.

Our advice is to try to arrive at Clark Field, Angeles City, before 5.00am for the best view of the Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival - arrive after 5.30am and you may be still queuing at the car park entrance when the hot-air balloons lift off.


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