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Airport Details for Tablas / Romblon

Tablas Airport / Romblon

Tablas airport on Tablas Island is just a short ferry journey from the beautiful Romblon Island group. Tablas Island may one day become a Philippine holiday destination in its own right but today it is overshadowed by the beauty of the nearby Romblon Island group. Romblon is packed full of hiking trails, virgin forests and indigenous flora and fauna. Romblon beaches are pristine and beautiful, and the water is crystal clear, warm and inviting. As a holiday destination Romblon and Tablas are mostly virgin so don't expect too much luxury, instead expect a simple but genuine Philippine welcome. Be watchful of the flight schedule before you make the commitment to Romblon or Tablas because you may miss the next flight and then find too many reasons to stay for good. Romblon is famed for both its marble industry and the marble craftsmen who will carve the stone into any shape you could possibly image; marble trinkets and follies abound in Romblon.

Note: flights direct to Tablas may be limited or seasonal, alternate airport is Boracay / Caticlan.

WebCams near Tablas / Romblon Airport

El Galleon Beach Resort Puerto Galera
Beach Resort webcam El Galleon Beach Resort Small La Laguna Beach Puerto Galera, Philippines

Distance about: 180.6 km
Small La Laguna

La Laguna Beach Club Puerto Galera
Beach Resort webcam: La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centre, Big La Laguna Beach, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Distance about: 181.0 km
La Laguna

Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic Bay
Beach Resort webcam: The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Moonbay Marina, Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines

Distance about: 340.8 km
Moonbay Marina

Forthcoming Events Near Tablas / Romblon Airport

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PGYC Easter Regatta
25th annual Easter Regatta at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club for 3 days of glorious sailing

Distance about: 112.3 km
PGYC Easter Regatta

Romblon 3 Islands Challenge
Romblon 3 Islands Challenge possibly the most fun you can have on the water in April

Distance about: 23.4 km
Romblon 3 Islands Challenge

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