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Airport Details for San Jose / Oc. Mindoro

San Jose Airport / Oc. Mindoro

San Jose airport, near the town of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, gives you access to the West of Mindoro Island and Pandan Island; San Jose airport is also the most convenient airport to explore Bulalacao and Maestre De Campo in Oriental Mindoro.

Built in early 1945 by Allied Forces, under Maj. Gen. Roscoe Woodruff, McGuire Field, as it was known to the U.S. Air Force, was one of three strategic airbases in Mindoro that helped to defeat the Japanese Imperial Forces throughout Luzon. In peace time, McGuire Field was renamed San Jose Airport.

Occidental Mindoro is home to indigenous: stripe-faced fruit bat; the fierce, native tamaraw; and, many more endemic species of wildlife yet to be discovered. Birdwatching around southern Mindoro is a popular eco-tourism attraction and because Mindoro has many endemic birds, including the extremely endangered bleeding-heart dove. At the heart of Mindoro is the Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park. The indigenous Mangyan tribes-people will frequently be seen in the villages and towns near to San Jose where they trade gold, picked from the mountain streams in the hinterland of Mindoro Island.

Pandan Island features possibly the best eco-tourism resort in the Philippines: powered solely by solar, offering a unique and friendly hideaway where you can go snorkelling with equally friendly sea turtles or cross to the nearby scuba diving hot-spot of Apo Reef Marine Natural Park.

Bulalacao is a soon to be discovered international holiday destination featuring thirteen mystical islands, white sand beaches, rain forests overflowing with flora and fauna to delight and inspire any wildlife photographer, unknown scuba diving sites, great windsurfing, kiteboarding and kayaking canoeing, and a bountiful harvest from the ocean such as can be rarely seen in Asia. Bulalacao is also famous for orchards of carabao mango, used for making mango puree and dried mango snack products.

Fly to San Jose for trekking, hiking, wildlife photography, birdwatching, scuba diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding and kayaking canoeing around Bulalacao or, escape to the eco-tourism destination of Pandan Island Resort or, discover the next Boracay at Bulalacao.

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WebCams near San Jose / Oc. Mindoro Airport

The Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic Bay
Beach Resort webcam: The Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic Bay Zambales

Distance about: 285.0 km
Moonbay Marina

Forthcoming Events Near San Jose / Oc. Mindoro Airport

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PGYC All Souls Dinghy Regatta 2017
PGYC All Souls Dinghy Regatta 2017 a two day Optimist and Mirror dinghy regatta open to all sailors

Distance about: 78.7 km
PGYC All Souls Dinghy Regatta 2017

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