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Airport Details for Roxas / Capiz

Roxas Airport / Capiz

Roxas airport serves Roxas City, capitol of Capiz province, on Panay Island. Roxas is most internationally famous for its closeness to the town of Panay where the largest bell in Asia hangs in Panay Church. Roxas is nationally famous for being the capitol for the indigenous aswang (aswang - pronounced ass-wang) - a female species of (some say) Philippine mythology that appears human by day but at night can separate the top half of her body and fly from house to house, sucking the life from unwary children and especially the unborn; protection against aswang is afforded by garlic, a large thorn (or other sharp object) and a selection of suitably blessed amulets, worn or placed at points of entry to a room. Perhaps it was an act of faith and to protect themselves from the ravages of the aswang that the citizens of Panay town donated the coinage required to construct the largest bell in Asia . . . the aswang however remained. There are no nighttime flights, by any scheduled airline, into Roxas airport. Fly to Roxas airport for the largest bell in Asia and to imbibe some Philippine mythology.

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