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Airport Details for Kalibo / Aklan

Kalibo Airport

Kalibo was once the nearest airport to Boracay Island; from Kalibo airport a two to three hour journey by road was necessary to reach the talcum powder soft, brilliant white sand beaches of Boracay Island. Today, Kalibo airport is only the nearest airport to Boracay Island if you happen to be flying in a wide bodied jet -- all the turbo props fly directly into Caticlan/Boracay airport. Kalibo airport, also serves the town of Kalibo, the capitol of Aklan Province.

Apart from coffee grown in the hills and fish harvested from the sea, Aklan had little commerce until Boracay Island was discovered in the late 1970s; development during the 1980s moulded Boracay beach into one of the top 10 beach resorts in the World.

Once a year, in January, Kalibo and much of Aklan province invites the World to visit and enjoy the Ati-atihan festival. The Ati-atihan festival is similar to the famous mardi gras festival in New Orleans or the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. But the Ati-atihan festival is uniquely Philippines and offers something in itself that no other festival in the World can provide. Fly to Kalibo to embrace the Ati-atihan festival and for wide bodied jet access to possibly the best beaches in the World on Boracay Island.

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