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Airport Details for Iloilo

Iloilo International Airport

The new Iloilo international airport was opened in 2008 to cater for larger, modern, wide bodied jumbo class jets and to prepare for a future as an international holiday destination hub for the central Visayan region of the Philippines. As yet there are no international airline routes direct to Iloilo airport. Today, Iloilo airport serves the bustling metropolis of Iloilo City and the entirety of southern Panay Island; from Iloilo airport to Iloilo City centre takes about 45 minutes in a taxi (around Php300-400). Just five minutes from Iloilo airport is the Iloilo Golf & Country Club, which is the oldest golf club (1907) in the Philippines; about one hour from Iloilo airport is the Iloilo sailing club where you can learn to sail or rent a Laser dinghy for a day of fun on the water. Iloilo city is also the port city for ferries to Guimaras Island, famous for growing the sweetest fruit in the World - the Philippine Mango -- and delicious, stimulating barako coffee beans. Ferries to Guimaras Island take about one hour from Iloilo port. Fly to Iloilo airport for the nearest airport to Guimaras Island and the sweetest and most stimulating tastes in the World or fly to Iloilo to play golf and go sailing. Other popular sports around Iloilo include: horseback riding, kayaking and soccer. Native sports include: sipa and paraw racing.

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