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This Thailand webcam gives the view from South Pattaya, looking northwest towards Pattaya Bay and its numerous beach resorts. In the foreground the temple complex of Wat Chaimongkol, which houses the Wat Chaimongkol Primary School. On the left, close to Pattaya Beach, is the famous Soi Pattayaland district connecting Second Road and Beach Road. By night you may see the lights of the busy Soi Pattayaland nightlife district featuring: sports bars, restaurants and more. In the far distance is Sri Ratcha and the industrial port of Laem Chabang. Sri Ratcha is increasingly a luxury retirement zone for wealthy foreigners (especially Japanese and British), who want to live near the famous Pattaya Beach, but avoid the less desirable aspects of Pattaya; Sri Ratcha is is relatively convenient for Bangkok and a selection of golf course developments.

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